Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer Time Fun Part II

Does Mommy really have to go back to work? I'm stressed about it -- can't you tell?

I started back to work July 6th and it's been a whirlwind of a ride since then. David and I are becoming pros at the morning and night routines, but it's certainly been an adjustment. Catherine Ellis has adjusted well -- probably better than us -- and seems to enjoy watching the older kids in her class. We are blessed that she attends day care at the YWCA with me! I get to peek in on her during the day and feed her. I dreamt for years that my child would be able to attend this wonderful day care and it's truly a dream come true. Here is Catherine Ellis on her first day of school!

Another dear friend has been adjusting to life as well. David's best friend, Adam Johnston, has just returned from Vanuatu (an island off the coast of Australia) after serving 2 years in the Peace Corps. We are thrilled that he is back and boy does Catherine Ellis love her Uncle Adam!

Next Meme came to visit for the week and spend a few days at home with Catherine Ellis. This worked out perfectly since she began teething (at 15 weeks!!) just a few days before. Meme and Catherine Ellis had a great time together! This is her typical stance when her teethies are hurting her.

The next weekend we headed to the beach with Auntie B and Uncle C for Catherine Ellis's first beach trip. She seemed to love it -- even the sand. Of course in true baby fashion it wore her out and she was fast asleep before we could blink our eyes. She also donned her first pair of sunglasses -- these were not a hit!

The next weekend we attended our first birthday party -- a Princess Party. Sallie Byars, one of our best friends daughter, and David share the same birthday. Catherine Ellis and I had a blast. Of course I could not resist dressing her up as a little baby princess!

And last but not least, we celebrated David's big 26 on July 29th! We finally made it to J. Clyde -- a new bar in town that serves high gravity beers (gourmet) and had a blast. Catherine Ellis had her first babysitters, two girls on my staff and they all had a great time -- I think they held her the whole time, which she loved! Here is David with some of his work buddies and then a picture of me and sweet Carter!

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  1. Wow,Meg! I'm really impressed! WHENEVER did you find the time to do this?