Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Monday, August 10, 2009

And the battle begins....

When I went to pick up Catherine Ellis today she looked like this......

Uh oh...Daddy is not going to like this!

And the battle begins....with only 26 days left until college football starts, we're gearing up! I told Catherine Ellis's teacher, Miss Dana, she had no idea the kind of war this was about to start! Hehe...all in good fun people! David nor I care one bit which team she roots on (let's be honest, I don't care, David does) -- as far as we're concerned she can be a Sewanee fan!

She had a really good day -- here are a few of her Monday afternoon activities:

Play time in my Bumbo at school

Afternoon buggy ride


  1. Catherine Ellis looks so much happier in her Auburn bib. Oh goodness, I did just start something?

    That is one precious baby.

  2. Aunt Wren will be thrilled if she's a Sewanee fan. Let me know when she's ready for her first visit to the domain!