Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh the things I can do.....

Cain and Catherine Ellis have a special connection -- not that Emma and Catherine Ellis don't, but Emma is more tolerant than interested. Cain on the other hand entertains the dickens out of Catherine Ellis! He gets the biggest kick out of her and she out of him. This is from a few weeks ago. Our good friend Katherine (who just moved) and her brother came over to love on us one more time and play with the doggies...that's when all the fun began (please excuse our commentary). See for yourself!

Catherine Ellis is really learning fast about all the sounds she can make....she's got the laugh down pretty well and now we've moved on to razzing (the motor sound with your lips and tongue) and shrieking out loud! She's adorable to listen to, but hard to catch! She doesn't perform very well on demand. However, I was able to catch a little of it for you tonight -- it's pretty up close since she was in my lap -- but still so cute. She's started responding to me when I do it and makes the sound back, what a smart baby!

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