Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A trip to the Plains: We witnessed history!

We headed to the Plains a few weeks ago to visit some dear friends and family - it's been a whole year since our last game and the girls were SO excited about the trip.  We typically attend a low-key/low-attendance game, but not this year.  We kicked it up a notch and quite frankly, so did Auburn! The Auburn/Georgia game is certainly one for the books!

Meanwhile the pups were SO excited about heading to their Gran and Pop's for the weekend - they love child free weekends every once in a while just like Mommy and Daddy do :)

David and I had the pleasure - thanks to Meme! - to head down to Auburn Friday night and stay with Nancy, Doug and Dalton and attend a party that some of our good friends from our college days were throwing.  It was fun to see faces we only see a few times a year and visit the Beehive where Summer and Tricia and their families live.  Such a beautiful place.

Meme drove the girls down Saturday morning - fought traffic and me being her personal GPS and arrived in one piece.  She was the one who made the weekend possible for the girls - thank you, thank you, thank you Meme! They arrived just in time to head to Tiger Walk - which I haven't been to in at least 10 years.  It was super fun!  Aunt B knows the drill and it was good to have her as our tour guide.

 Sweet Lauren, Caroline (too mesmerized to smile!) and Catherine Ellis

 Meme and Catherine Ellis in front of the swanky new athletic dorms

 Catherine Ellis rode on my shoulders for Tiger Walk - I'm SO thankful my neck works again!

Can you tell she was SO excited?! 

 Aunt B, Aubie, Caroline and me - Catherine Ellis is not a mascot-lover
She wanted nothing to do with Aubie

 Aunt B and CE back at the tailgate

 The Greats and some squirmy girls!

Their cute little outfits!   

 This is really what they look like - never still for a moment!

After Tiger Walk and some tailgating it was time to head to the game.  Meme and Caroline headed back to her house for the afternoon and the rest of us headed to the game.  We had great seats at the top of the lower section on the aisle - a dream for four-year olds!  Dalton joined us for the first half of the game and we had SO much fun!!  I had as much fun as they did.  Dalton's Mommy, Nancy, and I are childhood best friends - it's super sweet to see life come full circle for these sweet girls.  Thanks Nance and Doug for letting her sit with us!

Catherine Ellis's ride into the stadium!  

David was SUCH a good sport - he supported us throughout the day and pretended like he cared and wanted Auburn to win - if you know him, you know that was all a facade - but he is SO sweet to pretend!  I knew when I fell in love with this man that Alabama football was important and I'm okay with that.  Hence the color of his game day shirt. HA!

 Dalton, Catherine Ellis and Me at the game

 David did a lot of holding of wee ones at the game - Super Dad!

Catherine Ellis and Dalton 

By the end of the first quarter the girls wanted to know when the game was going to be over - so we turned to food!  What's not to love!  First we started with cotton candy, then we moved to nachos and peanuts. The peanuts took at least a quarter to finish up - they were great time fillers! Next thing you know it was half-time.

 Shelling peanuts

 Me and Dalty

Once Dalton left to join her family I took Catherine Ellis to sit with the Greats for a little while. They weren't far from us at all and it was a good change of scenery for her.  We ran into Stephanie on the way - such a sweet surprise - these two sure love each other!

 Steph and Catherine Ellis

Next thing you know we were at the game of the century.  Wow!  I was certain we were going to lose and dumbfounded that we'd found ourselves in that position.  David kept saying it only takes one play, there is still time.  I had given up.... and then the miraculous play of the season happened and Auburn caught an uncatchable catch that ended up being run back for a touchdown.  The stadium went WILD.  It was SO fun to be there for that moment.  Catherine Ellis was loving the excitement!  So, what a game indeed!  Thanks to the Bendingers and the Greats for hosting us!  War Eagle!

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