Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

We have been excited about Halloween around here for weeks now!  The much anticipated day finally arrived and our sweet wees were SO pumped about costumes, pumpkins, candy and candy :)

Happy Halloween 2013

Caroline making sure her pumpkin is still intact ...

We started off the morning in costume - headed to school for a quick bite to eat and then went on our first trick-or-treating gig to Energen's corporate office.  Rushton takes a field trip there every Halloween and it's always such a good time for all the wees.  This year was much calmer than last - Caroline is beginning to understand trick-or-treating or at least that she gets candy and says "thank you!"  Catherine Ellis had a great time with her classmates - these little friends are so sweet and we love them so!

Catherine Ellis and Anne Carter - sweet double-name united friends! 

Waiting to trick-or-treat

We had quite the crowd of trick-or-treaters - cutest in town!

Catherine Ellis and Clark

CE and her besties

Little mama made sure she was first in line...

CE. Caroline and Will

She looks like she's starting to get the concept, right?!

Team Brown and Team Cain

Mommy and Minnie Mouse

Next up was the annual Fall Festival at the YW - it's been a tradition since the girls were born - we've not missed one yet .... until this year!  We've been talking for weeks about the festival and seeing all of our old classmates and favorite YW peeps - Carolyn, Suzy and Mei Mei.  But it wasn't in the stars this year.  Soon after I left the girls to return to work from our trick-or-treating I got a phone call that Catherine Ellis had a 103 fever.  Bless her heart.

A sad, sick little Minnie Mouse

Favorite Part of Fall Festival - so sad we missed it ...

She cried and cried because she had to miss her class party, the Fall Festival and trick-or-treating.  My heart hurts so bad for her.  She's about 12 hours in and still has a high fever and is now throwing up - not the Halloween we had eagerly awaited, but if there is anything I've learned (and I'm still learning!!) is that with children always expect the unexpected at the worst time - like being sick on Halloween when you're old enough to care.  She's requested a do-over and once she's better we fully intend to make that happen.  Say a prayer this virus is over soon and that no one else gets it!

Since Caroline didn't need to be around Catherine Ellis, Daddy and I switched places after he got home from work and I took Caroline out trick-or-treating with our sweet friends the Carmichaels.  We didn't tell Catherine Ellis as she would have been beside herself; just a small white lie that we were headed out to run errands and grab a bite so she could rest. Archer and Caroline had a blast!  They got in about 30 minutes of great trick-or-treating right before the rain started - which was perfect!  We had dinner and then headed back home to Daddy and Catherine Ellis.

Wee little fairy trying to fly - notice how independent she is these days!

Sweet Archer trying to catch her!

The Carmichaels and Caroline

Caroline and Archer (Curious George and the wee little fairy)

Eating dinner with Archer

Last year Caroline didn't get to attend Halloween with Archer because she'd worn herself out at the Fall Festival.  This year she and Catherine Ellis switched places.  So, we're hopeful that Halloween 2014 will include everyone!  Thank you Carmichaels for hosting us!

While it wasn't the Halloween we'd planned - it was still a super fun time with sweet memories!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!

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