Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

Monday night we decided it was finally time to carve our cute little pumpkins!  We've had them for over a month now and they were begging to look festive just in time for Halloween!

David loves Halloween and the girls certainly share this enthusiasm - pumpkin carving got everyone in the mood!  Catherine Ellis loved helping carve and pull the insides out; Caroline - not so much!  But, it was a team effort and David was super creative by adding two smaller pumpkins with Catherine Ellis's and Caroline's initials.

Our front porch is ready for Halloween night!

 Daddy drawing his spooky face

 Someone's ready to carve

So excited about our jack-o-lantern in the making

 Helping pull out the jack-o-lantern's eyebrows

 Looking good...

 Pulling his "head" off 

Yucky, yucky! 

Catherine Ellis loved cleaning out the pumpkins this year 

 Hard at work...

 This wild little wee wasn't as excited about the "insides"

Catherine Ellis and her "CE" pumpkin

 The finished product - thank you Daddy!  Didn't he do a great job?

 Catherine Ellis and the pumpkins

 Caroline and the pumpkins - she's being silly and squinting her eyes like a wild wee :)

 This is such a great picture for so many reasons: it captures Caroline's little personality, Emma's strong guarding sense and Daddy's handiwork!

Happy Halloween from the Cains!

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