Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Catherine Ellis - 4.5 years

Catherine Ellis is four and a half today!  Time really does fly when you're having fun - and this girl knows how to have a good time!  She's always been so full of life and good for the soul are her smiles and laughter! My sweet tiny baby is almost out of the toddler stage and into full grown little girl stage - it's happened overnight in many ways and in many ways it's been a ride:)

October 9, 2013 - 4.5 years old

Here are some really fun things about Catherine Ellis at 4.5 years of age:
  • she quick on her feet!  She's got a real knack for card games, board games and really any type of game.  Her favorites these days are crazy eights, Memory (she schools just about every person she plays with!) and her newest game love is chess!
  • She's a sponge - soaking up everything she possibly can.  Ever curious she has a passion for learning all she can about a particular "thing" - whether that's a restaurant, book, animal, family, friend, etc.  She's mighty passionate about learning at this age!
  • She's compassionate.  We hear from her friends (classmates) parents that she's the sweetest little friend.  When a friend is upset or needs a hug - she's always there to give one.  She had a new friend join the class in the spring and his parents said she made all the difference in his day.  We're super proud she's got such a big heart.
  • Her big ole heart means she's sensitive too.  She's had a bit of season of "crying" when things don't go her way, something is said that she doesn't like - but she's starting to get better at handling her emotions - sometimes:)  She's four after-all.
  • She's an ice-cream/milkshake junkie - loves it!  

  • She's the best big sister that a little sister could hope for!  She's attentive, patient (most of the time), calm and loving.  She helps "mama" Caroline all the time and Caroline seems to like it at this age.  I am soaking it in while I can!
  • She's a people lover - the child doesn't meet a stranger - she loves everyone.  I love this about this age!
  • She can tie her own shoes - she's been able to do this since the spring.  She recently asked a first grader that couldn't tie her shoes if she could tie them for her.  I wish I had a picture of that first graders face - she said "Can she really tie shoes?"  I asked her if she could try and tie shoes Catherine Ellis did.  Watch out world:)
  • She's a ham - constantly playing games to make Caroline or her Mommy/Daddy laugh.  Silly faces are a constant in our lives these days.

  • She's still a runner - loves to run - wants to run anytime there is a chance to or a wide open space.
  • Her favorite game is "playing teacher" these days and instructing anyone who will listen.
  • She LOVES music and LOVES singing - these are traits her Daddy has cultivated from day one. Especially praise music - this was instilled by Coco - we have "Coco made this" CDS that we listen to daily.  Daddy has her listening to Widespread Panic, Led Zeppelin and all those other really "cool" bands:)
  • She loves theater and attending Birmingham Children's Theater with her classmates.  Our first play of the season was City Mouse, Country Mouse. (can you tell her fear of mascots is beginning to wear off?)

  • She doesn't forget a thing.  There is no such thing as pulling the wool over this child's eyes.  Her memory is sharp - she knows which route gets us to school, the store, Chic-Fil-A, different parks and restaurants.  She remembers faces from her early years such as Li Mei - who we call Mei Mei.  If you all remember, Mei Mei taught both Catherine Ellis and Caroline how to walk.  We have a very special love for Mei Mei.  

  • She adores her godsiblings.  She's one blessed gal and has many at this point in her life - I hope she continues to have more - they are a part of the village that will help raise her and I hope lifetime friends no matter the miles. 

  • She loves a park - she knows where all the "best" ones are in town.  There are few pictures that don't have a blur to them because she and Caroline are nonstop at the park!

  • Speaking on her love of parks - thanks in part to the patient tutoring of Meme -Catherine Ellis is now a "free swinger"!  Meaning she can swing herself without anyone pushing her!  We're so proud!  Take a look!

Catherine Ellis - Mommy and Daddy could go on and on about your many wonderful traits!  We are SO proud of you.  We thank God each day (even the hard ones! And there are hard ones!) for you.  You make our family joyful, you bring much laughter and many hugs and we are forever grateful you were given to us. We love you as big as the sky and as wide as the ocean!  

All your children will be taught by the Lord, and great will be their peace. 

 Isaiah 54:13

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