Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Road trippin'

We hit the road the first weekend in October to Charlotte, NC to visit one of my god-daughters, Frances Grace, and fabulous family that we love dearly!  Aunt Holly joined us for the trip thank goodness!  This was the first time I'd traveled further than the beach (4-5 hours) with the girls and I sure needed another adult! Aunt Holla (as the girls call her!) was a brave, brave soul and we are SO thankful she joined us!

We took off bright and early Friday morning and made great time - stopped for lunch and were well on our way.  The girls even both napped at the same time for almost two hours in the car!!  Then we hit Greenville and 85 was backed up till kingdom come.  We got off and traveled back roads the rest of the way to Charlotte.  It took 9 long hours, but the girls were amazing and we were thrilled to arrive in one piece!

A rousing game of Peek-A-Boo in the car

After Aunt Holla slayed the bee that was bothering CE at lunch

All smiles 9 hours later!

Frances Grace had her second birthday party the next morning and after some car drama (I'm gonna spare you this story, except that if you drive an SUV, don't park on an incline, overnight, with less than half a tank of gas) the girls headed to the party and had a blast!  The party was at My Gym, so there was lots of bouncing and running and climbing to be done!  Such a fun time for Frances Grace and the girls.

We also got some quality time with one of Caroline's godmamas - Caroline (Frances Grace's mother).  They read lots of books, played with dolls and had a great time loving on each other.  I got some Frances Grace snuggles as well!  She was such a sweet little friend and shared her toys and house SO well for a two year old!  Sweet little thing!

Bathtub fun - poor Frances Grace!  The Cain ladies are WILD!

Sweet godsisters

After bath story time - aka nekked story time!

It was great to have some quality time with Holly and Caroline - we spent Saturday night reliving Camp McDowell memories and laughed more than I had laughed in a while.  So good for the soul.

We headed back home Sunday and made much better time!  We can't wait to visit the great state of NC again soon and see sweet Noah in Asheville and Frances Grace again in Charlotte!  Thank you for hosting us wild Cain ladies for the weekend, Florys!

 Sweet wee friends leaving the park!

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