Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Boo at the Zoo

We had a wild weekend of fun this weekend with great friends!  The girls have been asking to see Archer daily so we decided a visit was in order - what better way to visit than among thousands of our closet friends at Boo at the Zoo at the Birmingham Zoo. Yeaaahhh.

So we've been to Zoolight Safari in December and it's fun, lots of lights and such - gets you in the holiday spirit.  Boo at the Zoo is INSANE.  Lots and lots of people, kids dressed up, spooky music, a maze of trick-or-treating, train rides, merry-go-round rides, games, dance rooms - and general insaneness.  This was our first Boo at the Zoo experience and we survived - not sure I need to go back anytime soon, but the kiddos had a BLAST - so I'll just enjoy this entire year I have to rest up for the next one.  :)

We stood in line for about 45 minutes to ride the train - always worth the wait with this crew.  Archer and Caroline had a blast with glow in the dark swords and a baby doll, while Catherine Ellis met a new friend in line.  The glow in the dark paraphernalia was a must, thank you Jesus that it entered my mind to grab some while at the Dollar Tree.

Train Ride Fun with Amanda and Archer 

 Me and my wildest wee - love this pic - thank you Amanda!

 Halloween lights from the train

 Archer and Caroline

 Three's company 

After the train ride is when the real fun began - on the search for candy and the merry-go-round Catherine Ellis led us to the front of the zoo and all the madness.  Caroline was a wild woman flying through the crowd, refusing to hold a single hand, and off.the.chain.  She's a wild wee, that one!  Archer and Catherine Ellis held hands and remained calm for the most part. Lots of inflatables - I didn't realize there was such a market for Halloween inflatables - but there is.

 Isn't this the cutest group of wees you've ever seen?

 Caroline and one of her many poses

 Wild wee poses again

Caroline found the monster mash and went bananas - she loves to dance.  She, Archer and Catherine Ellis had a big time - we got in on the fun too.  Who doesn't love a little Michael Jackson? Thriller .....  I had to carry Caroline out of the monster mash - wild wee loves a party.

Dancing her hiney off 

The crew all dancing at the Monster Mash:

 Hoops for candy

Aubie and Al were there of course - what about that AU win folks??!?

 Caroline and the giant spider

We really did have a wonderful time - the kids were nonstop and there was SO much to take in.  Now that we have one under our belts, we'll be pros next year.  Happy  Halloween!

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  1. oh my stars, that caroline. i cannot wait to read the memoir you release after surviving her teen years. i'll be first in line to buy it! how wonderful to be so full of life and how exhausting to try and parent! love her so.