Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mommy and Me Date

Catherine Ellis and I had a Mommy and Me date Saturday afternoon!  We were both in need of a hair cut and some time together - she's growing so fast that I'm trying hard not to blink, y'all!  I can't believe this time next year she will be in Kindergarten - times flies when you're having fun.  So, quality time we had and a great time at that.

This was Catherine Ellis's second salon haircut and she's a pro already - she really likes Ms. Brittany and Ms. Brittany is so good with her.  We went in like this:

(and she's seriously cute!)

And came out like this:

How cute is she??!  She looks so old with shorter hair, but it's really a must as thin and fine as her hair is - the shorter it is the thicker it appears and the easier it is to fix.  It also stops her from wearing a ponytail every day of her life:)

I told her she could pick where we ate lunch and she picked Milo's - a girl after her Meme's heart!  Meme trains them young that Milo's is the best burger joint in town .... think your brainwashing has been successful Meme!  :)

With a mouth full of course...

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  1. Milo's - hilarious!!
    And I love that bob cut. I'm taking P tomorrow morning for her first haircut at my salon. If you read this and have any tips for making it less miserable, please share!