Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Here, there and everywhere

Sometimes I have great pictures of our day-to-day life - no set activity, no agenda - just shots of what our life looks like on a daily basis.  I try and capture the little moments as life seems to speed by WAY too fast these days.  So here is a glimpse of what mid-October to mid-November has looked like for the Cains!

Caroline and Cain have quality reading time a lot.  She loves to read him stories and he obliges very well. The first words out of her mouth every morning are "Where Cain and Emma, Mommy?"  Sweet, sweet times with these wonderful pups.

Y'all know we love some Mexican food - cheese dip especially.  We joined Carter at Rojo one night to raise a little bit of money for United Way and their campaign - a good time was had by all!  That's the cheese monster up there and sweet Carter and Catherine Ellis below.

Rushton had their annual pancake supper a few weeks ago and the pumpkin auction is something we always look forward to!  Catherine Ellis's class had the best pumpkin!  They painted their pumpkin based on the book "A Bad Case of the Stripes" - it's precious isn't it?  The pumpkin had the book to read along as well as pictures of the class painting the pumpkin and autographs from all the sweet artists - I just had to have it:)  So naturally we were the highest bidders!

Y'all know Catherine Ellis was sick Halloween - such a bummer for her, but after two days, she really started feeling better and got ready to "run errands."  Sweet little girl!  She had her backpack, Halloween purse, sunglasses and baby doll - all the essentials for running errands!

Catherine Ellis and Holly went to Disney on Ice a couple of weeks ago - she had a blast.  I can't wait to share the blog post! More pictures coming soon!

Daddy shaved his beard for the first time in almost four years at the beginning of November.  He's participating in Movember with the men from our church and man is he a sight to see!! Check out that stache!  Catherine Ellis and her friends got in on the fun last Sunday and appeared after the sermon with staches of their own.... so cute!  She's so proud of her Daddy for raising money for those with cancer (specifically testicular and prostate).

Below is our great friend Father Geoff and some of the wee folks and their staches!  Hilarious!

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  1. Great pictures! Sweet family.

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