Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ruble Run

This past Saturday we hit the road bright and early to Jasper to celebrate the life of one of David's good friend's father.  Richie and David grew up together and he's always been one of my favorites - his sense of humor is the best thing about him and his heart of gold.  

Caroline, David, Richie and Catherine Ellis

Richie lost his father died suddenly at the beginning of the year and one of the ways they have decided to honor his father's legacy of giving (Mr. Ruble was instrumental in the recovery efforts of the tornado that hit Cordova almost two years ago) by holding a 5K race in his honor to raise money for the community organizations that he loved the most.  What a great way to honor his legacy!  

Miss Priss always fashionable...

The Ruble Run was held in Gamble Park in Jasper - Mr. Ruble would have been 53 the day before - so it was a great celebration of his life.  The weather was gorgeous, the trees are almost at their peak and the turn-out was fantastic.  Lots of people gathered to continue Mr. Ruble's legacy.  We really enjoyed our time with the Rubles and friends.

Mr. Ruble's floragram that will be featured in the Rose Parade

The float that the floragram will be placed on - the float is sponsored by 
Organ Donation Centers around the country

Caroline and I ran the 5K while David and Catherine Ellis ran the Family Fun Run (1 mile).  Steph joined Caroline and I and boy was I glad for the company.  While I run a few times a week by myself, it had been a good while since I'd run with the stroller - needless to say pushing an extra 55 lbs was tough!  But we ran and ran and ran and finally made it to the finish line.  Caroline enjoyed the run as usual - we only had to slow down a couple of times to pick up her Minnie Mouse ring and change her sun-shade position.  She's a great jogging buddy too!

Getting ready to start the race

Coming to the finish line

Smiling at our cheering section - CE and Daddy

After the race - Caroline is hiding from the camera and CE is now a puppy dog

Catherine Ellis and David ran the fun-run after the 5K was finished.  They did great!  Catherine Ellis came in 4th place!  She was SO excited as were we.  Her Daddy was a real trooper and when she got tired he picked her up and ran with her!  Catherine Ellis you are mighty lucky to have a Daddy that is as competitive as you are:)  She was out of school for two days prior to the race with a virus, so she's wasn't 100%, but with a little help from Daddy she made it!  So proud of our little runner!

Before the race

Rounding the corner to the finish line

Running as fast as she can.. leaving Daddy in the dust

Getting her sticker and spelling her name for the top six wee runners

Daddy and CE at the finish line - so proud!

CE and the other top six finishers with the Ruble siblings - yay CE!

Caroline spent a lot of time in the bouncy making new friends and playing in the leaves - who could blame her?  There was also time for face-painting - one of Catherine Ellis's favorites!

Steph and Caroline

Bouncy house fun

Face painting - she's a puppy dog

Claire and CE 
This next series of pictures cracks me up - it highlights the wild side of our wild wee, Caroline:

Isn't she a mess y'all?  Never a dull moment with this one!  While it appears she's choking CE, CE is a-okay:)  Just a little sisterly hugging:)

All in all a wonderful time with wonderful friends for a wonderful man.  We are already looking forward to next year!

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