Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Monday, December 30, 2013

Annual Gingerbread Party

One of the parties we look forward to each Advent is the Brown Gingerbread Party!  We love, love, love the excitement the party brings the weekend before Christmas.  There are always tons of children, great food, a gorgeous gingerbread display - this year it was a pirate ship and good fellowship with great friends.

We had another fabulous time - thank you Browns for including us in such a fun tradition!

 The fabulous gingerbread pirate ship and yard 

 Eating some yummie food!

 Caroline babysitting some twin friends

 David and Tucker carrying the gingerbread display downstairs to be destroyed

 Little mama and Mary Cox - whom we love dearly!  Little Mama plays hard to get:)

 The reindeer food - we loved this addition this year and 
threw it everywhere Christmas Eve for Santa's reindeer!

 Everyone getting ready to destruct the beautiful gingerbread motif

 Catherine Ellis is super excited

 Caroline isn't sure what to think yet....

 Caroline's turn to bang the gingerbread house

 Sissy to the rescue - that hammer is a bit tricky to operate

Just a short peek at the insanity that ensues for the gingerbread destruction.  It's wild - so wild that David is done for the day after the gingerbread party - it's more excitement than he can handle! HA!

 Stephen and Catherine Ellis after the gingerbread house was destroyed

 Caroline can't believe her good fortune in finding a candy cane tree

Caroline's expression about sums it up - lots of sugar, lots of kids and lots of stimulation - we all napped super well that afternoon!  (Meme look - the girls carried their Santa purses!)

Thank you Team Brown for inviting us - what a wonderful morning!  Certainly got us in the spirit for our first Christmas celebration with the Cains the next day!

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