Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Zoolight Safari

We love Zoolight Safari at the Birmingham Zoo!  Always such a good time.  We had a cousin play date Monday night - it was FREEZING.  I think it felt even more cold since it had been in the 70's over the weekend!  But perfect weather for Christmas time and the outdoors.  Pop even got to join us since he's been home for a few weeks now!   

 The Charlie Brown Trees - Caroline was too mesmerized to take a photo!

 She was in awe that the trees blinked to the music!

 Catherine Ellis, Stacey and Carrigon

 David and Carrigon

 Little Mama loving the carousel

 Me and Mama - blurry but cute!

 Caroline LOVES animals - maybe she will be a vet one day and go to Auburn Vet School!

 Petting the goat

 This snowman talks and it's hysterical - Caroline couldn't quite figure out how it was talking!

Year three for Zoolight Safari - so much fun!

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