Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Monday, December 23, 2013

Must be Santa

Rushton had their annual Christmas program last Friday - it's something they begin working on in November and it's really just the best.  It's an opportunity for us to see all they have learned in music class!  Any of you reading this that know Catherine Ellis know that she oozes personality and has a bit of a dramatic flare:)  Put her on a stage and off you go!

She's been singing her songs for the program for weeks now and as the days moved closer to performance day she could hardly contain her excitement!

It was a great performance - the older classes all preformed, three-and-four-year-olds - but not the little ones. So Caroline and I were spectators this year.  She had a really good time watching Sissy perform.  I think she got a bigger kick out of it than I did.

No shocker here, but Catherine Ellis was a star - she knew all the words, sang very loud (that's her Daddy right there!) and oozed personality. She had a blast - you could tell she was in her element.  We had her parent-teacher conference a few days before the show and Ms. Megan let us know that Catherine Ellis had a big part, but that's all we knew.  Her performance didn't disappoint.  If you're not family you probably won't want to watch all the videos - but her star performance is in Must Be Santa - the fifth video below (and yes, they are iPhone videos - sorry they aren't more clear!).

If these precious little ones don't get you in the Christmas spirit I don't know what will!  

 Waiting for the show to start!

 All the three and four year olds performing the first several songs

Catherine Ellis glowing onstage - she's SO in her element.

 Sissy was trying not to crack a smile at first, but I caught that sly little smile!

 Watching Sissy intently

 The set - the Pre-K class did a fabulous job of Must Be Santa!

She's getting ready to call the reindeer out here ...

 Catherine Ellis in the sleigh with all the reindeer lined up behind her!

So happy that they pulled it off - they were all beaming!

 Santa Claus made an appearance - Catherine Ellis declared she likes him!  
We shall see!

 Catherine Ellis and one of her all time favorite teachers - Ms. Octavia 
(she's the three-year-old teacher at Rushton)

 Catherine Ellis and Clark - one of her best buddies!

 Ms. Megan and Catherine Ellis - she's a WONDERFUL teacher!  We're so blessed!

 Cat and her sleigh - watch out world!

I had a wonderful time watching all of their hard work come to fruition. I'm starting to get sentimental that my first-born wee baby is almost five years old and in a few short months will graduate from Pre-K and start kindergarten.  We are SO proud of her.  She's an amazing little girl - what a treat to be her parents. 

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