Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Baking up a storm

We spend last weekend with some of our favorite folks in the whole, wide world - the Carmichaels!  We usually try to do something together with the children each Christmas - one because they love each other so much and two because it's fun to have traditions.

Amanda invited us over to bake holiday cookies last Sunday and we had a blast.  She's offered to do it every year until they graduate from college - just kidding - but it was so much fun that we are going to try and keep it up!

 Making gingerbread cookies (she's working hard)

Icing the reindeer cookies

 Cute reindeer - note that one has an extra antler

These two were way too busy to stop for a quick pic 

Hard at work 

Hahaha...best group pic we could get
(notice I'm dripping icing all over Caroline)

Me and sweet Archer 

Good lookin' Gingerbread cookies - we have some talented kiddos! 

 Archer and his car book from the Cains 
(it has a track inside the book on each page that the car runs on)

Amanda reading Catherine Ellis's book to the girls 

 Caroline and Amanda

Are these kiddos not the cutest you've ever seen?  Love them so!

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