Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Chess Nut

Catherine Ellis is a chess-nut these days!  She signed up for chess at school this semester and she's loved it. We've been in awe of how much she wants to play and enjoys it. Now "play" is a strong word here - she knows how to set the board up and make a few moves, but most of what she has learned is how to be a team player and a good sport - two very important lessons in life.

Her chess program had a chesstournaparty last weekend - so we thought we'd check it out. It was for pre-schoolers - 2nd graders - she was in the youngest crowd, but still quite fun to see the foundation of learning established and how the program works. They did a "mock class" for the parents and it was really amazing to see kids so excited about a "board game."

We attended with Team Brown who saved the day by bringing their chess sets (which we forgot of course!) and shared so kindly!  Lots of junk food, sugar and wild wees!

 Dr Brooks brought his three very well behaved dogs

 Catherine Ellis and her Coach Kelly watching the pups

 Caroline and the pups

 Caroline watching sissy 

 Tucker and the snack queen and king

 Catherine Ellis participating in "Dr. Brooks Says" aka "Simon Says"

 Richmond and CE setting up the chess board

 The time keepers

 Coach Kelly helping Catherine Ellis and Richmond make a play

Look how excited she was...

Hitting the time clock

 Richmond making a move

 Intense thinking

They ended the tournaparty with a song and dance they do at the end of each class - they call themselves "Little Geniuses":

And nothing is complete without lunch at Otey's - these two are big buds!  A great day learning about chess and spending time with great friends.

Caroline and Stephen

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