Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Monday, July 19, 2010


We are at the beach again - this will make our 4th time this summer - and we're loving it! This week we are in PC Beach with David and his family for vacation. Catherine Ellis is having a blast and seems to love the beach more and more each time she visits. Since she LOVES every thing about the great outdoors we've spent the past two days on the beach almost the entire day with only one break to eat lunch.

Vacation is so blissful and we've had a lot of vacation days this summer - one of the first summers in over 8 years that we've had some down time (you'll remember I was a summer camp director, then an urban summer camp director, you get the picture) - and I must admit we have loved every second!

So what does our fabulous, sun, sand and beach lovin' 15 month old do the first part of her beach vacation?:

Climb the stairs with my Aunt Stace (there are 3 flights of them!)

Tell my chauffeur to hurry it up!

Ride in style ..

Play with my handsome Daddy (aka Chauffeur)

Pose for a rare pic with Mommy (enough with the camera, can't a girl just play?)

Decide which area of the beach I'm going to do the most damage to ...

Do a little tunnel crawling ...

Take another ride in my buggy, please notice my color coordinating bracelets

Take a little siesta

Wade in the pool ...

Lounge in the chair ...

Dig in the sand ...

Cut up with my Gran & Pop ...

Hop on my Mommy and make sure she gets sandy too!

Now who's ready for tomorrow? We are! Hope everyone is having a great week .. I'll try to update a few more times from the beach!

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