Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Every day life

One of my best friends came to visit last week and lived what she reminded me was 'every day life' with us for 3 days! Jenny and I met at Camp McDowell back in 2002 and have remained great friends since our short time there (we only overlapped 11 months). She lives in Colorado and while her hubs, Mac, is on a study abroad trip she decided to travel the Southeast and boy are we glad she did!

Jenny decided she needed to leave a day earlier to get on the road and all I could think was - I didn't even get to have a deep conversation with Jenny! As I teared up telling Jenny that I felt like we'd not had any time together - she smiled and hugged me and said "Oh Megann, but we have! We've shared every day life together and it's the every day moments that are so hard to capture in pictures and share with the world!" You all know I wanted to do a blog post on Jenny's visit, but it turns out that we were too busy living every day life! Thank you Jenny for ALWAYS reminding me that any time with friends is a good time!

So, we headed to my all time favorite place on earth - Tillers - and had a fabulous afternoon. Thank you Jenny and Camp McDowell for refreshing my soul on a hot summer day! I can't wait to see you both again soon!

Tillers - Camp McDowell

Jenny Lynn & Megann - Self Portrait 2010

Jenny & Luna girl at Tillers!

Another part of our every day life that you don't often see here are our fabulous dogs - Cain & Emma. They are a HUGE part of our family and we certainly wouldn't be the same without them. Typically 3-5 times a week we have family strolls in the evening with the entire family - me, David, Cain, Emma and Catherine Ellis -and it is hands down the highlight of Cain and Emma's day .... just see for yourself how excited they become when told they are going for a w-a-l-k (we can no longer say the word or else the house comes close to falling in - see for yourselves):

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  1. the word "walk" causes a huge stir at our house too... mainly Mo... he will start going in circles because he is so excited