Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sweet summertime

Isn't that the truth? We think so! The Cains have had a fabulous summertime of sun, sea, sand, good times with friends and families, watching Catherine Ellis experience the world of summer and spending quality time together on these long days of summer. I hope you all have had wonderful summers too!

I feel as if our summer (while there are still 2 months left) is coming to a close. My downtime at work is ending - as well as my downtime at school (no class this summer) - and it's back to event season, graduate school full-time and life as we know it. I am forever grateful for a wonderful job that has allowed me to take lots of time off this summer and spend it with best friends, traveling, and family. You all hear me say this often, but it's so true - God has richly blessed our family and we are so very thankful for all of his blessings - without him we are nothing.

Without further ado I'll post the pictures from our last 3 days at the beach - we have had the best time - what a wonderful vacation with the Cain family - thank you Gran & Pop! A fair warning that this will be a heavy picture blog!

Playing hide-n-seek with my Daddy

Chillin' in my pool by the ocean

Taking a rest in my chair

Catherine Ellis & Pop Pop

Three generations

Cutest behind ever

Girl talk with Mama

Dinner at Captain Anderson's

Lounging by the sea

Sand time with Aunt Stace

Ocean waves with Gran

Getting away from the shark

Hey hey!

Our family

Daddy & his little lady

The Cains (minus David who was jumping around making CE smile)

Aunt Stace & Catherine Ellis

Gran, Pop & Catherine Ellis

July 21, 2010

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  1. I am loving every bit of this -- especially the AWESOME family beach picture. What a treasure!