Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lots of Happy to Celebrate Today!

We're currently in Mexico R&Ring, but you all know me - can't go without celebrating some happy!

Yay, it's my Mommy & Daddy's 4 year anniversary and My Gran's birthday!

Today is our 4 year anniversary - four years ago, on a hot summer day, in the midst of Camp McDowell's beauty and surrounded by friends, family and loved ones, I married my best friend - what a ride it has been! The past 4 years - 8 total that we've been together - have been the ride of my life. Without getting all mushy let me just say - Thank you David for being my best friend, my side-kick, the person who helps me pick up the pieces, laughs with me until we cry, dances life away, rocks out to the music of life and helps me keep it all in perspective: Life is grand, live it to the fullest, we are SO blessed to have the riches that God has so graciously blessed us with (and I don't mean money or material). I love you Bay!

Happy Anniversary!!

And Happy Birthday to Shelia AKA Gran!! We hope you're enjoying Catherine Ellis and that today is a wonderful day! We love you dearly! Thank you for raising a wonderful, loving, compassionate, and respectful son and for loving our daughter as if she were your own!


  1. Happy anniversary! Enjoy Mexico! WOW, what a nice trip!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your trip. Knew it was your anniversary yesterday when we talked. Such a bad friend...Sorry!