Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Cain!

Our beloved boxer, Cain, turns 7 today!

Happy 7th Birthday Cain!

Cain was a God thing - I was in the right place at the right time and he became ours. One of my closet friends from college - Ryan Cook - emailed me one day to tell me he had a friend of a friend that needed to give his boxer away. The guy had just started a new job and was working 15 hours a day and had to crate his boxer all day. If you know boxers that is NOT a good thing. They have TONS of energy and need to have a very active lifestyle.

Ryan knew David loved boxers and I had been talking about getting one for David when he graduated - keep in mind he still had 2 years of college left - so the timing was not good. I told Ryan I wasn't interested and he persuaded me to at the very least email the guy and find out what the situation was - how much he would cost, etc.

I had just moved to Birmingham and Emma was NOT happy that we'd left 800 acres of Wonderful, Wonderful Camp McDowell and I promise you another dog was not the thing she was just dying to have to cheer her up. But, I emailed the guy and he emailed me back - this is where God really comes in - the subject of the email was Kahne - SERIOUSLY? And if that wasn't enough to win me over right there he'd attached a few photos and it was pretty much over from the second I opened the email.

Cain came to Birmingham to join our family on Emma's birthday (she's probably still not forgiven me!), February 9, 2003. I hid him for a week and on Valentine's Day when David came up to visit I surprised him with Cain - our lives have never been the same!

Cain is so loving, loyal and fun! He's the life of the party, so wonderful with Catherine Ellis and another baby that we can love on when our human baby won't let us hold and rock her - Cain is more than willing to stand in for her!

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

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