Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Far Far Away

Two weeks ago David and I ventured to Mexico to celebrate our 4th anniversary and the past two years of life that were full with the birth of Catherine Ellis, graduate school, me starting a new job, and just life! It was a trip that we've been waiting for and we had a fabulous time!

Mexico is far, far away - but Catherine Ellis didn't care and had a blast with her grandparents again. This summer has been full of travel for us - so thank you to Gran, Pop and Meme for always helping us when we need trusty, fun babysitters!

So we won't bore you to tears I'll make this a picture blog - the pictures will tell the story. We were in Playa Del Carmen for 6 days and loved every minute. We mostly R&Red - as there are not many moments we get to just 'sit and relax' so that we did. We also had some fun excursions and met another couple friend the night we got stuck in Miami because Mexicana Airlines couldn't get their stuff together - but what a nice way to end a trip by making new friends! All in all a fabulous time!

Anniversary Dinner - July 1, 2010

Beginning of our sail to Isle de las Mujeres

Gorgeous day for sailing (with 30 other people!)

Isle de las Mujeres (the Island of Women - it was gorgeous and a small fishing community!)

We scored the front of the boat & had a great view the entire trip!

David charming the crowd with his rendition of 'the squirrel'

Our new Mexican friends (the party animals on the boat that of course David befriended)

Our lovely view from our room courtesy of Mexicana

Our new friends, Jennifer & Brian Dickson (that was the only good thing that came out of Mexicana Airlines)

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