Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Monday, June 6, 2011

3 weeks

We started week 3 off with a bang - Caroline got to meet her Pop Pop for the first time - it was super fun to see them together! Pop sure loves his girls! Catherine Ellis also got to spend Memorial Day bossing Pop around - he loves it and she does too - they had a big time. They went for a walk, did a little swinging, went shopping and rode her 'motorcycle' (tricycle). I know Pop was exhausted when he left!

Pop Pop and his grand girls!

Pop Pop and Caroline meeting for the first time - May 30, 2011

CE and Pop Pop - she calls this her motorcycle

Then Monday night Catherine Ellis got sick with the croup and a virus and because her fever was high she had to leave us - Caroline is too tiny and couldn't run the risk of getting a fever. Catherine Ellis left Tuesday to stay with her Gran and Pop in Jasper - we missed her so much! She finally returned on Friday - free of fever, but still not feeling well - this past weekend was a challenging one to say the least - however, Caroline hasn't gotten sick so we are super thankful and Catherine Ellis finally turned a corner Sunday night and is feeling much better. Whew! What a week our third week was!

Me and CE - even sick she's cute!

We decided to try our Sunday tradition of pizza on the town for the first time last night - we headed to Davenports and it was so yummy! Caroline slept the entire time and Catherine Ellis only had one meltdown - which is stellar! Things went so well we decided we'd treat ourselves to ice cream at Mountain Brook Creamery - it's amazing what a change of scenery and fresh air will do for the soul :) We had a blast and our first outing as a family of 4 was a lot of fun!

Yummy blueberry ice cream!

So good!

Daddy sharing some of his ....

Catherine Ellis was not so sharing with hers ....

While we were out we sat next to a family with a special needs child - who was probably about 16 years old and couldn't function without an adult with her. And here I was coming off a weekend feeling down and out about having to take care of two perfectly healthy children under two. Forgive me Lord. It reminded me again of how very blessed we are to have two healthy children. Perspective. It really is what it's all about.

So, three weeks down and although it was a challenging week it was a good one too! Here is what Caroline is up to at 3 weeks:

Caroline - 3 weeks - June 5, 2011

A little awake time and some open eyes!
  • Sleeping - you're a great sleeper - during the day you typically sleep well - every other day or so we'll have a fussy day, but to be expected. At night you are a champ - we are hoping this trend will continue. You go over 4 hours between feedings and have been for several days now.
  • Tummy issues - these are much better - but you're little digestive system is still figuring it out. We have learned the trick is in burping you often during feedings. We read all this stuff about nursing babies not taking in as much air, but you take in plenty and now that we know this, it seems to be getting better.
  • Feeding - you still like to eat - my sweet little piggy:) A little girl after her mother's own heart:)
  • Stats: At your two week appointment you were 8.4 lbs and still 20 1/4 inches long. You are growing SO fast.
  • Diapers - size 1's are starting to fit a little better. The newborns are getting snug. You're still wearing newborn clothing. Even the newborn gowns are still very big on you.
  • Awake time - is still not often - you are typically awake to eat (sometimes this is hard work to get you to stay awake!) and maybe for about 10-30 minutes after eating.
  • You had your first tub bath this week!

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