Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baby Workout

We got out the play mat for the first time last week - it seems to be a big hit with sweet Caroline! And Catherine Ellis - I think I've mentioned before that she likes to revert back to the old days when she was a wee one and play alongside her baby sister - sure makes for interesting play times most days:)

Here are some pictures from Caroline's first adventure on the play mat - she was having such a good time that even her Daddy decided to get in on the fun before big sister joined in as well:

Wow, this is a lot of stuff to look at ....

Playing with Daddy

Giving Daddy a kiss ...

Amazed at the flashing lights that also play music

I love newborn expressions - it makes me wonder what is going through their tiny mind!

I also captured a bit of video from when big sister joined us fresh out of the tub - not the greatest cinematography - but a glimpse of how much Catherine Ellis loves playing with Caroline:

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