Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Full-time Meme!

Happy Retirement to Meme!! My mother just completed a 35 year teaching career this past week and we are SO proud and excited for her. What a journey it has been for her and now she gets to enjoy her sweet reward! And we do too - she's now a full-time Meme!! :)

We joined Mom at home in Alex City this past weekend for her retirement party given by her sweet friends and co-workers at Stephen's Elementary - where she has taught for the last 15 years of her career. They had a wonderful turn-out, the weather was great and the lake was beautiful.

Catherine Ellis had a blast playing with the other children at the party and her Aunt Kim and Uncle Drew. She loves being outside and she loves water - so we knew it would be a great combination for her - not to mention there were chips and dip - it was heaven on earth for her! Caroline did great and slept the entire time and even held out an extra hour for us to get home before she needed to eat - it was a great time! Happy retirement Meme - may the next 35 years be even better than the last 35! We love you!

A little shy at first ...

Being silly with Meme

Couch surfing ....

Ready to eat ... and telling everyone she's 'good'

The retirees: Mr. Jones (mom's team teacher for 15 years), Mom and Ms. Chapel

Catherine Ellis is so proud of her Meme (and very excited that she's a full-time Meme now!)!

Sunday Mom took Catherine Ellis to church and then we met Uncle Drew and Aunt Kim at Niffers on the Lake - one of our favorite places! We had a great time being with my family and Catherine Ellis always loves a visit with Meme, Uncle Drew and Aunt Kim. She even learned a new trick this past weekend from her Uncle Drew:

The infamous - fist pump - although this picture doesn't portray her interest, she's really a great fist pumper!

And here are a few parting shots of our new full-time Meme with her sweet grand-girls - thank you Meme for hosting us this past weekend - we had a great time!

Deep conversation with Caroline ...

This is very typical and real life in our house:)

Happy Retirement Meme!

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