Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Sunday, June 12, 2011

4 Weeks

We've been busy busy the past 2 weeks - and I'm behind on the blog! So, let me catch y'all up. Week four was a really fun week for us - we had something almost every night that week! The highlight of our week was a visit from the Hendersons! Criddy is one of my best friends from Auburn - we lived in Sassnet Hall our freshman year across the hall from one another and have been buds since the fall of 1997 - man time flies when you're having fun! I moved to California with her and two other friends after Auburn - we all returned home, but Criddy fell in love and stayed in San Diego and is now married and has sweet Allie - her adorable 6 month old daughter. They were in town for her little sister's wedding and we got to spend Wednesday night with them - so much fun (and a little crazy!!). Here are some pictures of Allie and Catherine Ellis:

Catherine Ellis - 26 Months / Allie - 6 months

Catherine Ellis and Allie chewing on the puzzle pieces (CE loves reverting back to a baby!)

Enjoying the bubble machine with Mr. Mais and Allie

It was so fun to see the girls play together - and don't worry sweet Caroline was here but she slept most of the time! She'll be able to play this time next year when we get to visit with them again. Thanks for coming Criddy, Mais and Allie! We love y'all!

Saturday morning we had a little bath time with Caroline - Catherine Ellis is quite the helper and big sister - always wanting to help with sweet Caroline! I think Caroline enjoyed having her help and Catherine Ellis was DELIGHTED to help:)

Saturday afternoon we loaded up and headed to Jasper for David's 10 year high school reunion - so much fun and lots of faces that we don't get to see often ... it was wonderful to catch up with old friends and spend a little time out of the house with adults! Here are some pictures:

The boys

David and Erin

Lauren and Me

David and Keri breaking it down on the dance floor

So - sweet Caroline - what was she up to week 4:

June 12, 2011 - 4 weeks
  • still dealing with tummy issues - bless your heart. Mommy finally calls the doctor the next week.
  • You and I started walking in the mornings - we made it out 3 times!
First morning walk
  • You spent about 10 minutes outside helping Mommy plant the flower bed out front and were not fond of the mid-ninety degree weather
  • You tried out the swing for the first time and liked it!
  • You are sleeping at least one 5 hour stretch during the night - it's super!! And we are so thankful!
  • You still like to eat - you are our little piggy:)
  • You are napping and sleeping in your crib in your nursery during the day and at night now
  • You are a great traveler - the roadways make you sleep - it does your Mommy too - nothing like a car nap!

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  1. Yay, you found a dress for the reunion! You look fantastic, Megann.