Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Saturday, July 9, 2011

27 Months

We are quickly approaching 2 1/2 years! Today Catherine Ellis is 27 months old. Catherine Ellis is a full-throttle two-year old - there is no doubt about it! I think it's also safe to say we're experiencing some of the terrible twos as well - it's a struggle for her because she wants to be so independent and such a big girl, but the reality of life is that she's only two!! She thinks she is two going on 25!! We've certainly got our hands full with the sweet child and we couldn't be happier about it!

July 9, 2011

At 27 months here are some of the wonderful things we are experiencing and you are learning about the world:
  • you talk in complete sentences now; you can communicate your feelings, thoughts, opinions, anything verbally. You can repeat EVERYTHING someone else says.
  • you can count to 15 easily
  • you know all of your primary colors: red, blue, yellow, green, pink, brown
  • you love to color - still haven't colored on anything but paper but that's only because we watch you like a hawk - oh wait there was that one time you colored with a sharpie on Mommy's leather passenger seat - lovely:)
  • you're a super duper fabulous big sister - you are so helpful with your sister and love being with her! For this we are very thankful!
  • you play well with other children - you haven't met a stranger yet
  • you still love being outside, even if it's 100 degrees and it is frequently these days
  • you love your 'new car' and can pick it out in a parking lot no matter how many other cars are there
  • you love school, your teachers and your play mates
  • reading is still a favorite - you've memorized several books and frequently like to read to Mommy and Daddy and now days baby sister
  • you LOVE your baby dolls, they go with you everywhere and do many of the things your baby sister does
  • you like grocery shopping at Publix - I think mainly because you get a free cookie - a girl after my own heart:)
  • you will eat just about anything - still love fruits and veggies and chicken and pizza
  • you sleep well - you go to bed around 7:30-8:00 and rise at 7:00-7:15 during the weekdays and sometimes after 8-9 a.m. on the weekends
  • you love riding in the stroller and going for walks
  • you are a diva - Hollywood watch out
  • dance parities make your day - and your parents
  • bossy, bossy, bossy
  • well behaved for the most part - in public you are typically very well-behaved, at home you have your moments, but you're allowed!
  • you have the memory of a historian - you hear it once and you never forget it!
  • developmentally you are making leaps and bounds at school and we are so proud!
This morning Catherine Ellis was in a super silly mood - so we've had a lot of fun today! She and I ran errands all by ourselves this morning and it was so nice to spend some alone time just us! We went to Pepper Place Market to get some of the fruits and veggies she loves so much - she was in charge of the money - and all business:) Then we headed to Publix - which she loves because not only does she get to drive the cart, but gets a cookie too!

Silly girl!

Excited about her free cookie at Publix

My money handler - look at that serious business face :)

And here she is with her sweet sister this morning - they often sit together while Catherine Ellis teaches Caroline all about the world ... Caroline is usually pretty compliant but not this morning - she did not want to hear what Catherine Ellis was preaching:

Telling baby sister all about throwing a ball

Sweet little sister was not having it, but Catherine Ellis kindly gave her her ball in hopes she would stop crying ...

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