Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sunday Delight

Catherine Ellis loves to read, it's one of her favorite activities and this thrills her Mommy! I'm a big reader - would much rather read a book, newspaper, magazine, etc. than I would watch a television show. Catherine Ellis has really grown into reading and now reads many of her books by memory or in her own language - it's quite a production and a LOUD one at that (wonder where she gets that?).

Sunday afternoon as I was finishing up feeding Caroline in the nursery I could hear Catherine Ellis running all over the house, reading (yelling) her book. It was Beauty and the Beast and I wasn't sure what she was saying, but it was with a vengeance. She has taken up reading to Caroline when she is a bit fussy and Caroline seems to be amused with it most times - that is until Catherine Ellis starts screaming her story.

Here are some pictures from our Sunday Story Time:

The beginning of story time ...

Caroline is very interested ....

Oh hey Mom - should I be paying attention to my sister?

This is a great story ....

Ha, I just think this one is funny - Caroline is sticking out her tongue and big sister is a bit exasperated

Tiny little topple ....

Oh wow, after coming eye to eye with the book, I now find it interesting

Thank you for reading to me Catherine Ellis - you're the best big sister EVER!

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  1. Just laughed out loud with the "Oh wow, after coming eye to eye with the book, I now find it interesting" comment! That cracked me up. I MUST see these two soon and will most likely be home on Friday. I will let you know via FB tomorrow (Thursday) to see if I can stop by on Friday. :) Love - Kari