Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Two Year Portraits

Catherine Ellis had her two year portraits taken at the end of April and in the whirl wind of life it's taken me this long to get them downloaded and posted. We tried the first photo shoot in Alexander City the weekend of Easter - Catherine Ellis had been sick and needless to say it didn't go well - we got about 10-12 pictures from that shoot. Sweet Jessica, our wedding photographer extraordinaire, met us again in Birmingham a week later at the Botanical Gardens and things went much better. We were able to get lots of great shots of Catherine Ellis in all her glory and some of us as a family of 3 before sweet Caroline joined us!

So fair warning there are lots of pictures here - the first 5 are from Mistletoe Bough in Alex City - it's the birth home of our dear Claddie and where I had my bridal portraits taken. It holds a special place in our hearts, so we were excited to have a few shots there! As you can tell Catherine Ellis wanted to play not pose for pictures and she just HAD to have her Easter bunnies in the pictures:

Meme and The Cains

She really almost fell in the pool of water behind here - she's turned around because we are saying "Catherine Ellis be careful, don't get too close to the water" over and over and over

Pretty well sums up her mood that afternoon, but she has her Easter bunny

Running from Daddy on the wrap around porch

Post melt-down - but isn't that a sweet face?

The very next week Jessica met us at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens - Catherine Ellis was well and in her usual good mood - we had a blast and Jessica worked her tail off (along with Daddy!). Catherine Ellis has more energy than a herd of wild horses, but Jessica and David kept up and we are SO happy with the result - lots of pictures - enjoy:

A natural Vanna White in the making - her great Paw Paw would be thrilled!

Stopping mid-chase with Daddy for a quick pic (really a deep breath so she could continue the chase)

Trying to escape ...

Silly girl ....

Playing in the roses ...

Throw me up there Daddy - she loves this game

And that's how we got this picture - David tossed, we caught and Jessica is that good :)

Sweetness, giving Baby Caroline a kiss ....

Oh love of my life .... Mama and her sweet girl

She loves shoes - especially Mommy's

One of the few family shots - but a good one!

She was ready to eat pizza ....

But of course, when it was time to go, she wasn't ready

Expressive child of ours .... we've got our hands full :)

One last parting shot - thank you Jessica - we LOVE YOU!


  1. hands down, my favorite is the one with CE just relaxing on your belly. it's such a sweet and innocent moment and one that completely captures your love for one another. what a great moment.

  2. Oh, for the love, those are the sweetest pictures! I absolutely love CE's dress with the pink ruffles. Precious girls and precious family.