Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Friday, July 8, 2011

Holiday weekend: Family Style

We had a great long weekend over the 4th - lots of good quality time together! It's always so nice to have Daddy at home with us - not just for the extra set of hands (priceless), but because he's so much fun! We did lots of fun things over the weekend like visit Pepper Place Farmer's Market for the first time this summer, several family dance parties - even Caroline got in on one, some play time in Mommy and Daddy's bed in the mornings, and some pool time! Yay for long weekends!

Early morning hang out

"Evrrybody get under the covers Daddy" ... says Catherine Ellis

We headed to the pool on the fourth - it was our first pool outing of the summer - I know we're a little behind:) Catherine Ellis had a blast - started out in the baby pool and then graduated to the big pool. She spent much of the time in the water trying to convince us that she could swim on her own - she didn't want us to hold her - and we've not invested in arm floaties yet - needless to say she was a force to be reconciled with!! She did spend a lot of time 'swimming' with her Daddy and he showed her some swimming techniques - she was excited about that. Meanwhile, sweet Caroline and I hung out under the shade and fans and took in all the excitement - it wore Caroline out!

Swimming in the big pool

Having a ball - her mouth was wide open most of the time - she swallowed half the pool :)

All this fun is making me sleepy ....

Trying to float on her back ...

Taking a little siesta at the pool ....

Taking a break from swimming, but never from supervising .... always the watchful eye

And last, but not least a glimpse of our dance parties family style - even Caroline got in on this one! Catherine Ellis LOVES Taylor Swift's new song "Mean" - we've heard it at least 200 times by now (thank you David!!):

And a parting picture of two sweet sisters getting ready for bed:

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