Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

8 weeks

Sweet Caroline is 8 weeks old - and will be 2 months on Friday! She is growing like a weed and changing so fast! She's starting to be awake a lot more during the day and interact - so fun to listen to her 'talk' and take in the world around her!

Align CenterJuly 10, 2011 - 8 weeks old

I've got one more month left at home with this sweet girl and I'm trying to soak it all in - I know I'll never get this time with her again and one day she'll be as big as Catherine Ellis and not want to be held, rocked, etc. What a sweet time!

Here are some things she's up to at 8 weeks:
  • you are sleeping like a ROCK STAR (deserving of all caps!) at night! This past week you went 5 hours the first night, then 8 hours, 7 hours, 9 hours the next two nights and last night 10 hours between feedings! You go girl! It has been so nice to be able to sleep at night. You really have been a dream at night from the beginning - I guess I better knock on wood since I'm announced this out loud :)
  • you are getting so big - we think you probably weigh 11 lbs - we'll know next week for sure when we head to the doctor for your two month check up
  • the colic is better - it's not every day that you're screaming and hysterical - and you have 2-4 good days a week now. Rocking helps, bouncing helps, the swing helps and getting out of the house helps.
  • smiling progress: you're almost there - we saw a hint of one on Friday - any day now (at least we're hoping!!)
  • our morning walks are still going well - you typically stay awake now for about the first 15-20 minutes and sleep the last 20 or so. Sometimes you will sleep the entire walk, just depends on when we head out.
  • you are alert and awake much more these days - I think we're getting into a routine of you rising and eating and then playing for 30-40 minutes and then sleeping anywhere from 30 minutes t0 2 hours. You seem to be getting into a routine (I use that loosely) of a good long nap mid-morning going down between 10-11 a.m. and then another really good mid-afternoon/early evening nap somewhere between 3-4 p.m.
  • you are sleeping in your crib for naps again!! Not all of them - but I do try to get you down in your crib at these those 2 big nap times mid-morning and mid-afternoon. You don't always go down and stay down, but you're at least back to sleeping in your crib during the day. 2 weeks ago we could only get you to sleep in the swing.
  • you're on probiotics for your tummy and they seem to be helping. You've also been to the pediatric chiropractor twice now and are still taking Zantac once a day. Who knows if any of this is working - but your spells are better and we'll take it!
  • you are losing what little hair you had - you still have a good bit on the sides in the back, but the front and top of your head is almost bald. Sweet bald head!
Seems like she's looking right at me ... think it was the flash :)

Align CenterSweet face!

Precious leg rolls/creases and tiny feet/toes

Delicate hands and long little fingers

Waving bye-bye (and ready for Mommy to be done with the photo shoot)

And the child grew and became strong in spirit ...
~ Luke 1:80

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