Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Splish Splash

Love affair with water - it's a popular Brad Paisley song right now and it describes Catherine Ellis's feelings perfectly! This sweet child loves her some water. Every Friday at school is water day - they arrive in their swimsuits, lathered in sunscreen and ready to play outside in some sort of water activity - I feel safe saying it's her favorite day of the week - just because of the water.

One of the things I'm trying to take advantage of while on leave from work is spending quality time with the girls. Caroline and I get hours and hours of quality time - Catherine Ellis and I do not. So I've started either letting her stay home with me one day a week or picking her up early from school and doing a fun play date with friends - it's been a hit with all of us! We've had such a good time playing with friends and doing fun things that we'd probably not get to do otherwise!

So this Friday we joined our good friends the Byars at the splash pad in Gardendale - this is Catherine Ellis's new favorite place on earth:) She had a BLAST! The minute we walked through the opening to the splash pad she started squealing and running and never looked back. We were there for a good hour and a half and I had to talk her into leaving. I have a feeling we'll be back soon! It was the perfect afternoon - only a few other families there - so we had plenty of room and Caroline and I had our pick of shady spots under the pavilion within view of Catherine Ellis.

Amazed by all the water ...

Running under the water ...

Playing with the Byars family

She's a real pro with the water gun - kind of scary :)

Getting a soaking from the water rings ...

Planning her next move

Running wild

The infamous splash pad

She discovered how to sit on top of the water spout

oops - moved a bit too much

The one time I got her to stop long enough to look at me

Sweet sister chilling in the shade

Stomping on the water

Carrying water and throwing it down the drain - this kept her busy for an hour

Playing with sweet baby Z

And last a little video of Catherine Ellis and sweet Z playing together - she is so good with babies and loves them - we are lucky indeed!

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